Top 10 Human Test-Subjects Whose Deaths Improved Our Lives

Some pioneers put their lives on the line to explore our world, traveling to unknown lands or even outer space not knowing if they would ever return. Other pioneers, often overlooked, put their lives on the line to explore the nature of our own bodies, how they break and how to make them better. These human beings deserve to be remembered forever for their sacrifice in expanding the possibilities for how we can heal the wounded and sick.

10) Arthur Bacot


Arthur Bacot was a clerk living in London in the early 1900s with a profound passion for entomology, the study of insects. His extensive published work on the subject attracted the attention of the Lister Institute and the Indian Plague Commission in 1910, who solicited him to work with fleas to investigate the mechanisms by which the animals functioned as a vector for the propagation of plague. Bacot did so, and his success spurred further opportunity for him. He moved from fleas to other parasitic insects, including lice, which he raised on a diet of his own hot blood. Such sacrifice led Bacot to an early grave, however – Bacot died from Typus in Egypt, bitten and infected by the parasitic insects he quite literally held so dear.

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