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7 Memorable Villains In Video Games

Some people would say that gaming is not an art form, that it's strictly a form of entertainment with no merit beyond dull fun. We disagree - not only can games be incredible works of art in general, they can bring some iconic characters in particular that you can't help but remember once you encounter them. How many of these extraordinary villains do you recognize?

1) Skull Kid & The Moon - Majora's Mask


"Skull Kid & The Moon" may sound like the name of your little brother's first band, but there's so much more - these two characters changed how a generation looks at the nighttime sky forever.

After being defeated by Ganondorf in Ocinara of Time, Link wanders around despondently on the back of his trusty steed Epona. Skull Kid comes in out of nowhere, turning Link into a Deku Scrub and taking Epona and Link's Ocinara and leaving poor link alone to rot.

The dementedness of the kid was one thing, but there was nothing quite like an actually-psychotic moon that stood as a hideous leering reminder of the limits of time and of humanity's cosmic fragility.

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