The Most Evil Men In History – In Photos

Accepting natural disasters is one thing – accepting evil humans is another. There’s no way to imagine ourselves as an unstoppable force of nature (except through fiction and fantasy) but it’s all to easy to imagine ourselves as one of the men described below. They had friends, family, hopes, joys, fears, and dreams- personalities that evolved slowly, step by step, choice by choice. They all had a human face.


Talaat PashaTalaat_Pasha

Talaat Pasha was the leader of the Young Turk movement and Grand Vizier in the Ottoman Empire from 1917 -1918. In 1915, he gave an order to exterminate the Armenian race. Overworked and starving on their feet,  Armenians were forced to march naked and cold into concentration camps. People were killed with bayonets, hammers, and saws – they were burned, drowned, poisoned, dismembered, boiled, and crucified, brutal methods all but anything to save precious ammunition. Out of the total population of 2.5 million Armenians over half of them were murdered by this man’s command.

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