15 Painfully Awkward Family Photos to Make You Squirm

Everyone loves taking family photos, putting them in scrapbooks to remember to good times we share together. Some photos, though, don't quite make the cut...

1. Backflip Practice

You need to master the basics of jumping before you move on to more advanced techniques. Next time!40-0

NHL Stars and their WAGs Are Crazy Eye Candy

What is a WAG? It's a simple acronym - WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriends, usually applying to the lady-partners of gentlemen on sports team. Now, athletes tend to be, well, athletic, and also tend to have a lot of money, and as such can usually get with almost anyone they desire. Take the NHL hockey players - what kind of people do they date? It turns out that from A-List celebs to regular girls-next-door, a lot of these NHL WAGs are absolutely smokin'. Check out the list and let us know if we’ve left any WAGs out of the mix!


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15 Painfully Awkward Family Photos to Make You Squirm

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