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20th Century Books That Should Never Have Been Written

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21 Moments in Great Films that Make You Wince


Nothing in the world can be perfect, and films are no different. Even if you think these movies are especially good you can't help but admit that there are still a few moments here and there that take you out of the film and make you recognize it for what it is.

21) Kingsman The Secret Service


Praised for its witty humor and well-choreographed action sequences, this film was a surprise critical hit despite its poppy material. Unfortunately they put an anal sex joke in at the end.

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32 Crazy Wedding Themes – Do Some Go Too Far?

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Daily Videos – April 25

This awesome playlist includes 18 videos:

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- Fast and Furious, Details for Fast 9 and Beyond
- The Marvel Cinematic Universe Will Be 'Very, Very Different' After Avengers 4
- Vanquish PC Version Seemingly Teased in Bayonetta Port Update
- Dirty Dancing' Remake: Paying Homage to the Original Stars Jennifer Grey and Late Patrick Swayze
- No Guarantee' of Star Trek 4 Being Made
- Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple Won't Appear in The Punisher Series
- Do you have what it takes to launch a successful startup?
- Ariel Winter Says She's Into a 'Modern Family' Spin Off: 'That'd Be Really Cool'
- Political Activism is Taking Center Stage at Oscars 2017
- Conway: Trump Won by Energizing Grass-Roots Activists
- When Bike Sharing Goes Wrong
- Iraqi Forces Battle to Retake Mosul Airport
- Japan Conducts Drill Against North Korean Missile

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The Riviera Hotel Demolition Video

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