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20th Century Books That Should Never Have Been Written

7 Memorable Villains In Video Games

21 Moments in Great Films that Make You Wince


Nothing in the world can be perfect, and films are no different. Even if you think these movies are especially good you can't help but admit that there are still a few moments here and there that take you out of the film and make you recognize it for what it is.

21) Kingsman The Secret Service


Praised for its witty humor and well-choreographed action sequences, this film was a surprise critical hit despite its poppy material. Unfortunately they put an anal sex joke in at the end.

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32 Crazy Wedding Themes – Do Some Go Too Far?

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Daily Videos – July 21

This awesome playlist includes 20 videos:

- The 48-year-old actor's ex shared the news on Instagram on Monday.
- The actor was set to star in 'Triple Frontier,' but is now saying he needs to focus on "wellness and his family."
- Prince George is already taking on royal duties, including traveling the world with mom, dad and sister Charlotte.
- O.J. Simpson could be a free man this fall if a parole board grants him liberty next week.
- The 30-year-old actress was photographed with Reich taking a midday stroll through ...
- Joey Purp talks about if internet porn, Drake and the Simpsons are overrated or underrated in the next episode of Over/Under
- Emily Ratajkowsi - Absolutely mesmerizing.
- Learn how to get rid of stains.
- Samantha Paige shares what it's like to have a double mastectomy.
- Chic and creative.
- From the puffy sleeves of the 1980s to timeless silhouettes, Brides editors critique their mothers' wedding dresses.
- Both as James Bond and in his personal life, the late actor helped define menswear of a generation.
- The top picks of this year’s class strut their skills and suits.
- Starring Pee-Wee Herman as Selena Gomez.
- Watch Desiigner catch Pokemon.
- Alise Post and Connor Fields, two Team USA BMX riders, play the classic Nintendo bicycling game 'Paperboy.'
- For GQ’s Comedy Issue, the ‘Late Night’ host does his best to guess what items he’s holding while blindfolded. (He does a pretty good job!)

Daily Videos – April 20

Various Videos

The Riviera Hotel Demolition Video

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