10 FACTS About Rodrigo Duterte, President Of The Philippines You Didn’t Know

Until very recently, most Americans had never heard of Rodrigo Duterte, the current president of the Philippines. However, his outspoken nature, not to mention his apparent willingness to insult and even curse at long-standing allies of the Philippines has pushed him onto the national news front. And when it comes to Rodrigo Duterte latest news, it’s never good news. Numerous facts about Rodrigo Duterte have come to light, and while some are just weird, others are extremely troubling. Such facts include:

10. His son is a social media phenomenon


Rodrigo’s son Sebastian Duterte has been active in his father’s political career, with a primary focus on reaching out to the Philippine youth. To do this, he has played at rock concerts, participated in numerous photo shoots, and flirted with female Duterte supporters – despite being married with two children. He has also published multiple photos of himself surfing, enjoying the beach, and trying to look more like a male model than the son of a sitting president.

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