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9 Women Who Shaved Their Head For An Acting Gig


1) Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown stole the show in Stranger Things as Eleven, recently posting a video of her shaving her head to get into the headspace for the role.


12 Intense Acts of Laziness



Do you want to mow your lawn or make your own lawn-based crop circles? This homeowner did, tying their lawnmower to a pole and letting it run around around in smaller and smaller circles unattended. Let's hope nobody got in the way!

12 Surprising Photos Of Famous Locations


Lots of famous places exist for us only as images, accessible as idealized representations that've been curated by whatever local authority to make us want to go there. When you get there, though what you see might not be what you expected to see.



Globalism marches on. You can take in the splendor of the famous ancient monuments all from the comfort of a nearby KFC.

14 Holy Truths About Machu Picchu

On the western edge of the Amazon Basin, towering high into the Peruvian Andes, Macchu Picchu has enticed and baffled explorers and tourists ever since its location was discovered over a century ago.



The Inca empire came into bloom in the 13th century, taking root in the Cusco region of Peru and at one point becoming the largest kingdom in all of the Americas. Their emperor, Sapa Inca, was the earthly representative of the sun god. They called their empire Tahuantinsuyu, "the Four Corners Together". They had thousands of miles of roads, local governors, advanced agriculture, and a statist economic system called "mit'a".

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