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Did you know that Uncle Sam was once an actual person? How about Leo the Lion, or Colonel Sanders? Check out the list below to see!

Leo the Lion (MGM), 1928 – 1956
Actual Name: Jackie




Trained by a man named Mel Koontz, Jackie was the second lion that MGM used for their logo. During MGM's first sound-based production, White Shadows in the South Seas (1928), Jackie became the first MGM lion to have his roar captured on both audio and film.

Going on to be nicknamed "Leo the Lucky", Jackie ended up starring in hundreds of the earliest films, surviving many freak accidents and bringing great publicity to the studio.

10 Human Evolutionary Theories


Here are three misconceptions about human evolution:

  1. We evolved from contemporary monkeys and apes.
    We did not evolve from the same monkeys and apes that we see running around jungles and zoos today. Instead we evolved from an ancestor that shared many characteristics in common with contemporary monkeys and apes but that was not actually them. We and they took divergent paths, with them remaining more akin (literally) to the ancestor while we humans went our own way.
  2. Humans are a monolithic species
    We humans are one of several species that evolved contemporaneously. There are dozens of others, including the famous Neanderthals, but we were the only group of the bunch to persist.
  3. Humans are 'more evolved'
    Evolution does not have an end goal. The purpose of evolution is not to produce human-like creatures. We are lucky in that our intelligence and problem-solving capacity gives us a strong advantage over other species when we have adequate resources to leverage our brainpower, but if you were to drop the average person in the jungle they'd have very little chance of survival compared to even them most foolish of chimpanzees.Now, with that cleared up, let's take a look at some reasons why humans might have evolved.

10) Stoned Ape Theory



Let's start with the wildest theory: Terrence Mckenna, hippie and psychedelic drug advocate, believes that huanity emerged from non-human animals thanks to the use of psychedelic mushrooms. The theory goes that, 12,000 years ago, nomadic tribes of human-like creatures took a few bites of psychedelic mushrooms and achieved enlightenment or something close t it. This enlightenment enabled them to form harmonious social structures and work together to develop civilization, futher advancing their mental capacities and causing our divergence from other evolutionary lineages.

Nobody in the scientific community believes that this is true.

7 Memorable Villains In Video Games

Some people would say that gaming is not an art form, that it's strictly a form of entertainment with no merit beyond dull fun. We disagree - not only can games be incredible works of art in general, they can bring some iconic characters in particular that you can't help but remember once you encounter them. How many of these extraordinary villains do you recognize?

1) Skull Kid & The Moon - Majora's Mask


"Skull Kid & The Moon" may sound like the name of your little brother's first band, but there's so much more - these two characters changed how a generation looks at the nighttime sky forever.

After being defeated by Ganondorf in Ocinara of Time, Link wanders around despondently on the back of his trusty steed Epona. Skull Kid comes in out of nowhere, turning Link into a Deku Scrub and taking Epona and Link's Ocinara and leaving poor link alone to rot.

The dementedness of the kid was one thing, but there was nothing quite like an actually-psychotic moon that stood as a hideous leering reminder of the limits of time and of humanity's cosmic fragility.

10 Best Ways to Manage Mobile Data Usage

Pokemon Go can require anywhere from 2MB - 8MB of data per hour, needing more data if you're more active in the game (i.e. if you're doing well).  If you have a 2GB data plan you may expect given these numbers to be able to play for about 4 to 6 hours per day, if you have that kind of free time. Regardless of your engagement with the game this article will help you manage your data effectively in order to get the most out of what you've got.

Best Ways to Reduce Data Usage

#1. Use WiFi Only For Major Downloads

Some of the biggest downloads you'll face are apps and their updates. The average game is about 50MB in size, which is 2.5% of a 2GB plan.

On iPhones the best thing to do is to turn of WiFi Assist, which will use Mobile Data on top of WiFi for large downloads. On Android phones, go to settings and select “Update Apps automatically only through Wi-Fi”.


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